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    VMC Fish Hooks Technology


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    VMC Fish Hooks Technology

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    VMC use only the finest steels to manufacture
    the World's Finest Fish Hooks :

    Hi Carbon

    Carbon stabilizes iron during temperature changes. The higher the level of carbon, the stronger the steel. All VMC hooks are the product of 200 years of experienced craftsmen dedicated to perfection.

    Stainless Steel

    Reserved for special professional and sport hook series, stainless steel is perfect for deep sea fishing, salmon and big fish.


    With a fusion temperature of 1750°C, Vanadium is a metal too tough to be used pure. Once alloyed with a high carbon steel, it becomes revolutionary. For not only is vanadium tough, it is light (density of 5.7 to be exact). Which is why it is used for hard-wearing Formula One engine parts. Vanadium is twice as costly as HC80 carbon steels used for regular hooks, but offers tremendous performance gains when hardened and tempered properly: up to 25% increased strength!

    Quality Testing:

    VMC hooks undergo rigorous quality testing at all stages of their production to guarantee a premium quality point, strength, shape and finish.

    Our corrosion tests are carried out in a salt spray chamber, under strict conditions in accordance with international standards, including NF ISO 9227 and ASTM B-117.

    Hooks are tested in a constant 100% saltwater saturated environment, the toughest conditions that any hook is ever going to experience.

    VMC corrosion tests are repeated regularly to re-validate the results of previous tests and to ensure consistency throughout all VMC production.

    VMC is also particularly attentive to customer feedback regarding corrosion resistance and regularly carries out tests on the water in collaboration with professionals in the field.


    Fastgrip Point

    A penetration power 15% higher than that of an ordinary point. The first point with 3 micro-barbs. The upper barb, placed close to the point, guarantees swift hook-bite at the slightest solicitation. Two lower micro-barbs prevent the fish slipping off, even when the line is slack.

    Needle Cone Point

    The result of a sharpening technique that gathers the metal fibers and squeezes them towards the center of the point. By compressing rather than cutting, VMC has created a point equal or superior in sharpness to the best available, and incredibly stronger.

    Pyramid Cone Point

    The intelligent point for today's fishermen.
    Perfectly clean and effortless perforation thanks to 4 symetrical glassy cutting facets that concentrate all the strike-energy in a single direction. Unequalled force and resistance to bending thanks to a mechnaically-formed cone.

    Cone Cut Point

    Owes its extreme sharpness to an unique combination of a triangular crest and a barb so fine that it assures, without force, a clean and perfect penetration beyond the barb.

    Cut Point

    This traditional cut point is the most widely manufactured in the world and provides an excellent penetration capacity.

    New Dynacut Point

    DYNACUT is the first ready-to-fish, ultra sharp, BIG GAME point.

    The unique geometry of the VMC DYNACUT point is the result of

    - four ultra-sharp cutting edges
    - four perfectly symetrical glassy faces
    - no additonal sharpening required
    - instant setting for a safe and clean fight
    - designed to resist extreme pressure

    New Spark Point

    The new reinforced SPARK POINT has been developed exclusively by VMC to ensure permanent hook sharpness, while penetration speed is accelerated by energy channels which optimise the point's driving force upon striking.


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