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    Trolling Fishing Technique by José Manuel López Pinto


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    Trolling Fishing Technique by José Manuel López Pinto

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    Trolling Fishing Technique
    by José Manuel López Pinto

    Finding fish in the vast ocean is the hardest part of deep sea fishing.

    Trolling is effective because can covers a lot of distance in sea currents in search for the probability of fishing success.

    The primary fish targets include: yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, blackfin tuna, bonito, dolphin fish, wahoo, blue marlin, black marlin, white marlin, striped marlin, spearfish, sailfish.

    Fish are moving in the currents in searching for diverse kind of preys (squids, sardines, fish). Angler requires to see important elements: birds, surface disturbance and a weedlines or trashlines with floating objects, all are vital signs for fishing success.

    Noise and white water produced by boat are fish atractors, then the fish are curious and will come from distance to investigate.

    Once they get within visual range, they see the lures or baits trailing the boat, swimming frantically in the white water of the wake, and often instinctively attack.

    Trolling involves a lot more than just dragging lures behind a boat. Placement of the lures is called spread.
    Lures or baits need a good presentation in different positions of this spread in order to be attractive for the predator fishes.

    Important note: Big lures with dark color (black, red, purple, dark green) are suggested in the short positions of the boat, then medium size lures with natural and bright colors in the longer positions.

    The spread has 7 basic positions:

    Then exist different types of spreads for different kinds of fish, the reason are the hunting speeds of the predators. In the choosen speed the combination of lures need to work appropriately.

    Lure High speed predators (8 to 10+ knots): Wahoo, Tuna, Bonitos, Marlin

    Lure Moderate speed predators (4 to 7 knots): Dolphinfish, Mackerel, Sailfish

    King Mackerel Spread

    Sailfish & Dolphin Fish Spread / General Fishing Spread

    Tuna and Wahoo Spread

    Marlin Spread


    1. Cavitators lures produces a formation of vapour bubbles in a region where the pressure of the water has contact with the head lure. The form, color, brilliant shape sound and action of the lure is very attractive for all kind of predators.

    Cavitator Diamond Coyote/ Williamson Lures

    Big Blue Cavitator / Williamson Lures

    Grander Marlin caught with Big Blue Cavitator / Williamson Lures.

    2.Pusher lures produces important sonic impacts and a trail of bubbles when the lure reacts with movement (down and up), the perfect imitation of the squid. It is one of the favorite lures for trophy fish.

    Cup face pusher El Dingo / Williamson Lures

    Flat Face pusher Offset Runner / Williamson Lures

    3. Bullet head lures are designed for high speed action, imitates the preys that want to escape of the big predators and also is attacked by Wahoo at maximum speeds.

    4. Jets lures trolls to 10 knots; jets heads gives large bubble trail, the combination of flash, sonic trace and bubbles is the secret of these lures; this drives fish wild and will increase your hookups. It has proven a very successful presentation, especially for Tuna,Dolphinfish and Wahoo. The secret: Venturi effect is the reduction in fluid pressure that results when a fluid flows through a constricted section of the lure, the fluid velocity must increase and creates a large bubble trail and impressive sonic reaction and large predators will come from distance and attack the Jet.

    Venturi Jet / Williamson Lures

    5. Soft Bait / Live Series hot "all-around" artificial baits that will catch fish anywhere and everytime in the world. It is real... Deadly in combination with trolling lures like cavitators, pushers or hard lures.

    6. Woobler lures, the maximum woobler is the cedar plug,with erratic motion and a figure similar like a squid, is the best lure for tuna in the entire world, also for dolphin fish and wahoo.

    7. Hard body lures imitates fish real swimming; built to handle sea monsters found in all ocean waters of the world. Special for Wahoo, Dolphin fish, Makerel, Tuna, Bonito.


    Angler needs to choose the appropriate size of reels for fish of his area and the fishing rods need the same specification of the fishing reels (line resistance).

    Shimano Tiagra

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