By: José Manuel López Pinto

    Recipe: Tropical Passion Ceviche by José Manuel López Pinto


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    Recipe: Tropical Passion Ceviche by José Manuel López Pinto

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    Recipe: Tropical Passion Ceviche
    By José Manuel López Pinto


    * 1 pound of fresh fish at your choice (dorado, tilapia, halibut,etc.)

    * 1/2 to 1 tsp salt

    * 2 cup lemon juice

    * 1/2 cup pinneaple juice

    * 1/2 Chili pepper (jalapeño)

    * 1 or 2 cups of pinneaple

    * Spices (in powder): Onion, garlic, pepper, combination at your choice

    * Ginger ale


    1. Cut the fish and pinneaple into bite size cubes, thumb nail size.

    2. Cut the chili pepper into tiny pieces.

    3. Mix all dry ingredients in bowl.

    4. In a second bowl place the spices, lemon juice, pinneaple juice, jinger ale and add salt; mix the ingredients. The juice should taste tart but not bitter,if too bitter or too lemony add the ginger ale until you have a mixture that has a good lemony taste,you may add more salt if needed.

    5. Finally cover the cubes of fish and pinneaple with the juice, and let sit for at least 12 hours in the refrigerator.

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